Longevity and Aging Conditions

As each day passes, our bodies continue to age and we experience changes in how we look, feel, and move. But aging isn’t just about physical appearance. As we grow older, we become more susceptible to serious health issues, such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and chronic inflammatory diseases. The life expectancy has steadily increased around the world over the past 200 years and health and wellness have become an integral part of everyday life. Staying healthy and youthful have become important goals in promoting overall quality of life. 

What problems do we face?

Cells are the fundamental unit of life. As we age, so do our cells. A simple example of this is how our skin loses elasticity and moisture, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. We begin using cosmetic products to treat these features, rather than treating them at the cellular level. While we are focusing on these physical signs of aging, there are actually many other crucial cellular processes within the body that are aging as well. 

Immunosenescence refers to innate and adaptative immune changes that an individual experiences as the immune system ages. These changes could have significant clinical consequences, such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and chronic inflammatory diseases. The age-associated proinflammatory state that many people enter into later in life can lead to rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, and other painful and debilitating conditions. 

As we age, the immune system also weakens due to the decline in production of immune cells. This impairment of the immune system can lead to spontaneous inflammatory responses and susceptibility to infection. While many people take supplements and immune-boosters to help fight signs of aging, these do not necessarily increase longevity. Despite the increasing importance of health and wellness, there is a lack of consistent guidance on how to slow the signs of aging and increase healthspan and longevity.

What is the solution?

At Rehealth, our precision Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) therapy has been shown to fight immunosenescence and improve health and longevity. MSCs have the unique ability to modulate and regulate the immune system, reducing the proinflammatory state that often comes with aging. This, in turn, reduces the risk of age-associated disorders, such as neurodegenerative diseases and heart disease.

In addition to its ability to improve overall health, MSCs therapy also has cosmetic benefits. It naturally increases collagen levels in the skin, which repairs the skin and gives it a more youthful, bright appearance. Patients who have undergone MSCs therapy report: 

  • Less frequent illness and quicker recovery 
  • Significantly reduced inflammation
  • Decreased pain and discomfort
  • Improved functionality, mobility, and sleep quality
  • Improved gut health
  • Increased blood flow, tissue oxygenation, and nutrient distribution
  • Substantially increased energy levels and stamina

The benefits of a single MSCs infusion can persist for months. 

Hear about a real patient’s experience with REHEALTH

“I had not had a period in 12-13 months. After getting the natural killer cells, within 2 weeks I began cycling again. It’s been about 2 years now and I’m still getting a regular cycle. I’m super thankful for what I’ve learned at REHEALTH.”  

Merily P. NK Cell Therapy – Longevity

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