We are a results-driven cell therapeutic company. This is why we offer various superior cell therapeutics programs backed by over a decade of research. After assessing your case, we will recommend specific protocols based on your condition and our experience with over 1,000 patients. We may utilize our proprietary NK cells or our proprietary umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells in order to provide you with the best therapeutic approach. Our products have scientific backing and are published in the scientific community!

The results speak for themselves.

Hear What Past Patients Think

See what past REHEALTH patients have to say about their experience and outcome.

“The first time I was here, I wanted to know where these cells were coming from. They showed me the safety data on all of it from beginning to end. I was more than impressed because if I’m going to put an exosome in my body, I want to know everything – and they have that here.”

Daniel P. Exosome Therapy

“Wonderful staff, very helpful, friendly. I got my NK cells at the clinic. Took about 2 hours total and feel wonderful.”

Lori H. NK Cell Therapy

“In the past 2 years I’ve had foot reconstructive surgery and a hip replacement. The work that’s done here is absolutely incredible. It has helped my recovery, it has helped my pain management, it has helped my inflammation. It is an absolutely spectacular procedure done by spectacular people.”

Roy C.Stem Cell Therapy

“I can already feel the 200 million stem cells working.”

Johnjay V.Stem Cell Therapy

See if REHEALTH is Right for You

At REHEALTH, our mission is to improve patient health and well-being through precision stem cell therapeutics. Our team of certified physicians will work with you to design a personalized therapeutic approach to target your specific needs. 

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