It is well known that your metabolism is responsible for your weight and physical shape. However, your metabolism has a deeper effect on your body, health, and overall young appearance.

Today, we want to address 5 metabolic killers that might be slowing you down, and what to do instead to improve it.

1.- You are avoiding caffeine:

Not everybody is a coffee lover, we get that. However, coffee or caffeine is responsible for boosting your metabolism, giving you energy, and on top of that burning fat to make you lose weight.
According to several studies, your metabolic rate increases significantly during the 3 hours after caffeine ingestion. In conclusion, caffeine/coffee stimulates the metabolic rate in both controlled and obese individuals.

Our recommendation: If you don´t like coffee you can drink green or black tea to have the same benefits with a softer taste.

2.- You avoid weight training:

Yes, running and walking are incredible ways of keeping your body healthy and lean, but weight training has incredible benefits to offer if you want to speed up your metabolism.

After consistently maintaining a regular strength training program the body increases its lean muscle mass and increases your daily metabolic rate. Overall strength training can be beneficial for your health and increase your resting metabolism.

Our recommendation: Try to sneak some light weight training to your workouts, even if you just do it twice a week, it can make a huge difference.

3.- You are missing Zzzzzzz:

There are a growing interest and evidence that sleep loss and sleep disorders have a significant impact on metabolism. Laboratory studies have clearly shown that sleep deprivation can alter the glucose metabolism and hormones involved in regulating metabolism, that is, decreased leptin levels and increased ghrelin levels.
In other words, lack of sleep makes you gain weight, affects your skin appearance, damaging your overall health.

Our recommendation: Turn off all electronic devices at least 2 hours prior to bedtime to ensure better sleep.

4.- You are not eating a balanced diet:

A new study confirms that mice that received gut bacteria transplants from overweight humans are known to gain more weight than mice transplanted with gut bacteria from normal weight subjects, even when the mice are fed the same diet.

Therefore to have a healthy metabolism, it is crucial to have a healthy gut.

Our recommendation: We highly encourage you to do a gut detox and to increase your consumption of “good bacteria” AKA fermented foods. Find out more details on the matter here.

5.- You are not eating enough calories:

It is not like we are encouraging you to overeat, but eating an adequate amount of calories is crucial to having a healthy metabolism.
Limiting calories will destroy your metabolism. It’s like telling your body that you’re starving. If your body thinks it’s starving, your metabolism will shut down. Not eating enough calories will also force the body to cannibalize muscle and hold on to fat, therefore, make sure to eat a balanced healthy diet with an adequate amount of energy.

Remember, its all about staying healthy and feeling your best. Motivate yourself and take a step towards a better you today.

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Michelle Ibarra

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