Life expectancy has steadily increased around the world for over 200 years, and staying healthy has become an important goal to promote life quality. It’s well known that after the age of 25 our collagen levels decrease, opening the door to a wide range of unwanted“aging signs” that affect our looks, energy, sleep, and overall health.

For years, the human race has been after the search for the antidote for aging, something that can prevent it from happening or at least ease the effects. Cosmetic surgery, botox, and fillers have come as a solution to physical aging signs, however, the scientific community was in search of something that could solve the aging issue from the inside out, without risky procedures, and the use of homologous resources. 

After at least 2 decades of research, Stem Cell Therapy has been found to be the answer to many aging aches. It comes with the promise of a quick recovery, pain-free, and safe procedure that doesn’t require surgery. Most importantly there is no risk of rejection from the patient’s body as the treatment uses a patient’s own healing resources.

Anti-Aging Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Mesenchymal Stem Cells(MSC), because of their stemness, safety, and immunomodulatory properties, have been proven as an anti-aging remedy. MSC possess immune-privileged properties, thereby they are considered safe for both autologous and allogeneic use. Human MSC benefits from a single infusion can persist for months and multiple dosing can be well tolerated helping to sustain beneficial health effects such as:

1.- Skin Youth Preservation: Stem cell therapy improves collagen levels in patients. Increased collagen leads to the preservation of the skin as it slows the aging process at a cellular level, thus allowing the skin to keep its youthful glow and bright appearance for a longer time.

2.-Risen Energy Levels: Another benefit of SCT is the fact that it provides patients with a new flow of energy that is translated into better recovery, better performance, and both personal and professional rise. 90% of patients that received stem cell therapy recalled a notorious change in their energy levels, which was translated into physical endurance and overachievement.

3.- Reduced Inflammation: Cellular inflammation is the source of all pain. At a microscopical level pain starts with cellular swelling. Stem cell therapy reduces cellular inflammation and enables cells to recover. This ultimately improves the patient’s internal processes and enhance’s the body’s immune system and its healing mechanisms.

4.- Pain Ease: Since cellular inflammation is the mother of all pain, stem cell therapy has been found incredibly beneficial for pain eradication. Stem Cell Therapy fights the source of discomfort and brings relief to all kinds of ailments.

5.- Better Gut Health: As Stem cell therapy reduces and fights inflammation, most patients experience decreased acidity, increased bowel movements, and better gastrointestinal health. Many of them recall feeling lighter and less bloated.

6.- Better Sleep And Sex: With risen energy levels, patients experience better performance during the day and greater sleep during the night, which is translated into an improvement in their sex lives due to better circulation, pain ease, and overall better performance.

7.- Stronger Hair: Due to the increase of blood flow, most patients experienced thicker, stronger hair, with less fall, and more volume. Women also recalled shinier, and softer appearance of their hair, and better health of their scalps. Due to its ability to replace damaged cells and reduce pain and inflammation, stem cell therapy has been found as one of the greatest advances of the medical field in regenerative therapies. Give your body a chance to heal itself and find out all that stem cell therapy can do for you by clicking here. 

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