Dear Rehealth Team:

My experience at the Institute was nothing short of amazing. I would be very ungrateful if I didn’t express my appreciation to you. You have a great organization and a great group of people. They were professional in every single way. I felt totally comfortable, had all questions answered that I asked, and it was a very wonderful experience.

You are free to use this letter in any way you see fit. If potential patients are interested in knowing about this experience, you are free to share this letter and my medical records. I have no real secrets and would hope that others can have the benefit of your science and the Institute.

As you know, a little over two years ago, I had an injection fraction of 23 and went to Panama at the suggestion of Dr. Garbutt. That was also a tremendous experience, and my ejection fraction is now 44. They were also wonderful, but they did not have the science that you demonstrated when my wife, my son, and I were in Cancun.

I’m sure I’ll miss some names of people who gave us help while we were at the Institute, but let me express my great appreciation for Dr. Ortiz, who spent a lot of time with me and answered questions. Very thorough, very detailed, very concerned, very patient – just a tremendous experience.

The needle man, who has the name of Antonio Zamudio (I just call him Tony), did a great job of putting needles in for both extracting both in testing for the blood and also for the injection of 220 million stem cells that I received from an IV. Like everybody in your shop, he was perfect, polite, kind, efficient, didn’t waste any time, and was off-the-charts really professional.

Dr. Eduardo Ulloa was also helpful. He answered questions. He was one of the attending physicians and was extremely positive. The entire atmosphere of the group was positive and actually, except for the needles, a very enjoyable experience.

After the first day of treatment, I had some pain in the center of my right gluteus maximus. I couldn’t get rid of the pain and my wife called and, within just a few minutes and without me asking for it, they insisted and came to the hotel room and gave me some medication. Thereafter, I got some sleep. Again, the treatment was just excellent. I have never seen medical provisioning like what I saw at your Institute.

As you know, I’m an old dude, 76. I try to avoid doctors wherever possible. But these folks are people you would really like to be friends with.

Daniela Curiel was also terrific. She was on the spot every time you came to the clinic. Transportation to and from the Ritz Carlton was perfect. We didn’t have one time anybody was even one minute late.

Dr. Rodrigo Vilches, who did the articulations in the joints, was clearly very well trained, very thorough, and took his time. He explained exactly what he was doing. I made certain I didn’t look at the length of the needles because my wife and son told me they were at least seven inches long (that’s my interpretation, but it’s probably less than that). Not fun, but I’m now writing this letter to you a few days later and all of the pain that I had is virtually gone.

As you know, I was looking at a hip replacement, a knee that was not quite bone-on-bone, torn rotator cuff, serious arthritis in my fingers, and virtually all, except for maybe the torn rotator cuff, are totally healed. The tom rotator cuff may be tom so bad, but Dr. Vilches worked on with a vengeance, and the pain that I’ve had there is virtually gone. But it may not have solved the entire problem.

I did have an opportunity to meet Susanna. I didn’t get her last name, but I understand she’s responsible for the stem cells, and I wish to thank her as well.

In conclusion, let me simply tell you, you have a great asset and it can bless the lives of thousands of people. It is really unfortunate you cannot do that in the United States. It is also unfortunate that it is only available for people who can afford the treatment by paying for it directly. I will tell you it was worth every penny, and I very much appreciate the treatment I, my wife, and my son were afforded.

If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I am sending a copy of this letter to Dr. Ortiz, Dr. Ulloa, Antonio Zamudio, Daniela Curiel, and Lucia Guzman. If I have missed anyone, please share it with them as well.

Very truly yours,

Leo R. Beus

Michelle Ibarra

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