In a recent post, one Reddit user asked the community for self-care tips that guys wish they’d known about: “Men 50+, what are some self-care habits you wish you started earlier?” the post reads.
Although, many claimed they should have ditched the obvious bad habits earlier (smoking, drinking, eating junk food, and not working out), the vast majority took a more emotional health-related approach.
Here is what they said!

Find a Therapist:

Most Reddit users emphasize on the importance of mental/emotional health.
“Therapy. I turn 40 this year so I’m not in the 50+_ crowd but if there’s anything I can recommend people start sooner it’s therapy,” one user wrote.
“Find a therapist, even just to talk for a little while about why you are disconnected with your life,” another Redditor suggested.
Men often neglect their emotional side, thus most people emphasized the importance of its care as the most claimed recommendation.

Maintain Strong Friendships:

Its always easy to disconnect from friends and get caught only in career-related activities. However, most Reddit users claimed that maintaining good friendships and strong connections were key to their emotional wellbeing for the long race.
Focusing on mental health includes developing and maintaining strong friendships throughout life, according to the community. 
One user explains he wish he had known that “Extending my social network and understanding that shared experiences in a social group are an important part of mental health.”

Take Good Care Of Your Skin: 

Another important subject that many Reddit users claimed as key, was skin-care routines.
“Taking care of my face skin. GF worked for a dermatology office and got me into using actual face cleanser and stuff. It’s nice having a healthy face.” A user wrote.
“Look after your skin. A good moisturizer with sunblock. Also, glasses to not only protect your eyes but helps prevent squinting lines!” another Redditor suggested.
Thus, starting a good skin routine should be one of your 2020 goals in case you haven´t started yet.
What do you think of these suggestions? Have you implemented any of those in your life yet? Would you add something else to the list? Let us know in the comments below!
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