If you are trying to move the scale backward, you have probably heard the typical advice of eating less.  The problem with it is that most of the times when we eat less we tend to feel hungry, cranky, and ultimately we have more food cravings. 

Today we will share with you a few tips, that according to Penn University, will work wonders when it comes to eating fewer calories and feeling full longer.

The Study

Penn State University scientists took a group of 100 women to study their eating habits when it comes to lunch. Their meals were consistently different in both calories and volume and they were able to eat as much as they wanted to pick the foods they liked. After 7 weeks of studies, the results were obvious. Almost all woman filled their plates with the same volumes of food, however, the fitter woman filled their plates with more foods with a lower calorie density, like water-rich vegetables, in contrast to the heavier woman that picked up more simple carbs.

The conclusion,  women liked to see their plates full, and the only difference was the calorie density of the meals that they chose. Fitter women ate almost the same “volume” of food as overweight women, but the difference was the calorie composition of the meals.

Eat Less Feel Fuller

Since the key to consistent weight loss is eating more of the good stuff, here are a bevy of tips you can use to help you eat less, fill up, and drop the weight you want.

Do Something That Makes You Happy: Believe it or not, your overall life satisfaction will reflect on the way you eat. People that are unhappy with their lives tend to eat more than those who are satisfied with it. So one key to eating less is doing activities that truly make you happy. Hang out with friends, play golf, go fishing, whatever it is that makes you come alive, do that at least once a week.

Wake Up Early:  According to recent studies of Northwestern University, people that wake up early tend to consume around 600 calories less than those who dont. So set your alarm earlier and use that precious time to hit the gym or practice some physical activity.

Eat With A Woman:  Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo found that men tend to eat 37% less when in the presence of a woman. So making eating with your wife, or girlfriend can help you get fitter than dining with your buddies.

Eat Avocado: Besides being super delicious, avocado is packed with healthy fats and a  surprisingly high amount of fiber. Half avocado can be an incredible side dish, with only 162 calories and 7 grams of gut nutrients. So make an effort and switch mayo for avo and enjoy its benefits!

Aromatic Dessert:  If you have a sweet tooth and need to wrap up your meal with dessert, trying tea is the right option for you. Aromatic varieties like vanilla, rooibos, and even lemon-ginger can be incredible options to complete your meal course without adding humongous amounts of empty calories.

What are your favorite ways to cut off calories without pain? Share it with us in the comments below!

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