Long waiting lines, lots of traffic, endless emails, and unmet requirements can lead to one thing in common… anger.

Feeling angry by casual annoyances is considered normal and healthy, however, if you are spending most of your time upset, it can be dangerous.

According to recent studies, chronic anger has been linked with a wide range of diseases that include high blood pressure, anxiety, stomach ulcer, headaches, and in severe cases premature aging, and even stroke.

Today, we will analyze 5 ways that will help you ease your anger, refocus, and recover your most valuable asset… your inner peace!


Ways To Release Anger that, According to Science, Work!


According to a recent study, the best way to deal with anger without damaging our health is to release it in positive ways.

The following activities will help you recover your peace while letting anger go:


As simple as it might sound, the act of breathing can have a deep impact on our flight-fight response. Taking deep breaths from your belly has an immediate effect on releasing endorphins and calming your mind.


According to new studies, the simple act of meditating or praying for at least 15 min a day, can decrease anger and stress significantly. In addition, the constant practice of meditation/prayer is so significant that these can rewire your brain. According to a study ran by retired pediatrician Peter Boelens, people how to meditate/pray for at least an hour a week, actually have better cognitive control over their emotions, thus leading to decreased stress and anger.


Diffusing anger with humor can be a powerful tool to ease your anger. Next time you feel angry about something to imagine how that situation will look like to an outsider.

Remember, taking yourself too seriously can be harmful. 

Recognize Triggers:

Anger can be similar to a snowball. We get upset about a small situation and next, we know we are angry at life and having a bad day. Identifying what is upsetting you at the moment is key to stopping that from ruining your overall mood. Try setting limits on the importance of the matter so that you dont end up carried away by it. 


We all have that lighthearted friend who finds the positive in everything. If possible, reach out to them and express your feelings. Normally, after telling our frustrations to somebody with a positive view, we end up relieved and feeling lighter.

Remember, properly dealing with your emotions is key to a healthy life. 

What do you think of these suggestions? Have you implemented any of those in your life yet? Would you add something else to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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