The quarantine isolation can make most people unmotivated. However, recent studies prove that having healthy habits increases motivation, and therefore happiness. 

The following routines will help you upstage your morning schedule!

Start-Up Grateful:  Starting up your day by reading the news or checking your emails can harm your mood, and set yourself off for the day. Instead of running to your phone, we encourage you to take the time to meditate on the things that are going well in your life and that you are grateful for. Studies have shown that gratitude transforms the brain and has the power to make us happier while relieving grief.

Get A Good Cup of Coffee: Taking the time and sipping a good cup of coffee or tea is an incredible way to boost your morning productivity and getting you awake. If you enjoy coffee, adding milk, ghee, or butter is a good way to increase your good fat intake and keep you full longer. 

Get Moving:  Physical exercise makes your brain work better, according to Harvard Health.

Exercise helps with memory and thinking by reducing insulin resistance and inflammation. Working out releases the chemicals in the brain that support brain cell health. And as a bonus, exercise also improves your mood and quality of sleep, while helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Self-Care:  Taking care of loving yourself is the key to starting your mornings right. Take a few minutes to implement a skincare routine or a few self-care steps that make you feel good. You dont need to have expensive products or a full arsenal, you just need some moisturizer and a good sunscreen.

Meal Prep: Nutrition plays a big role in your mode and overall health. According to a recent study, in a nationally representative panel survey of over 12,000 adults from Australia, showed that fruit and vegetable consumption predicted increases in happiness, life satisfaction, and well-being over two years. Thus, the findings support the notion that fruit and vegetable consumption has beneficial effects on different indicators of well-being, such as happiness or general life satisfaction. Therefore, taking the time to plan your nutrition, will determine a lot of your emotional wellbeing in the long run.

Set Goals: Having clear goals and writing them down is key to supporting your emotions. Setting goals gives your certainty and control over the things that you can manage. Writing them down, and then completing them strengthens your mental reward system, making you feel powerful and in control.

Dress Up: Dressing up has a big impact on our emotions and behavior. A recent study from Northwestern University has proved that our clothes have a powerful effect on our psychological processes. This systematic influence is known as enclothed cognition” and involves all the psychology behind clothes and their effect on our moods.

Therefore, if you want to feel professional at home, avoid wearing your pajamas all day long, and vice versa; if you want to relax, avoid professional attires.

We want to reassure you, that the above habits will boost your mood and help you feel your best even during pandemic, self-isolation times. 

Remember,  feeling good about yourself plays an important part in your emotional wellbeing. How do you start your day? What morning activities help you feel at your best? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Michelle Ibarra

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