Does your back hurt? Do you have trouble to fall asleep? Are you feeling down?
In taking care of your body there are lots of quick fixes that can bring incredible results and can definitely make a difference.

-Hacks for Back Pain:

If you are suffering from back pain and nothing seems to ease it, sleeping on the floor might be a good solution. As simple as it might sound, sleeping on the floor gives the human body the perfect support for the spine to rest, the vertebrae to be aligned and the joints to be lubricated.

Sleeping on the ground is something that our species has been doing since day one. In fact, a large segment of the population still sleeps on the ground. Yet, in today’s modern societies, we have abandoned the ground and instead have opted for super-soft mattresses. Although this unnatural surface feels good initially, it could lead to chronic health problems.

it’s not that your mattress is bad for you; it’s sleeping on a mattress that dips in the middle and chronically subjects your body to misaligned positions that cause pain. Over time your body will adapt to these misaligned positions, and, just like the effect of sitting in chairs, your body will begin to develop unhealthy curves and postures.

-Hacks for your Immune System:

The ancient Egyptians fasted and purged on a monthly basis in order to cleanse their bodies, believing that all illness emanated from the food they put in their system. When the ancient Greek philosopher, Herodotus, wrote of the Egyptians, he described them as the healthiest of men.
With modern medicine, we have become so consumed with the idea of taking a pill for every ailment, when often the solution can be found in our own ability for self-healing.

According to a study in Cell, testing in both mice and humans showed that extended periods of fasting lowered white blood cell counts considerably, thus boosting the immune system resources and turning on stem cell benefits and growth to replace your whole immune system with new cells.
The same study found that fasting for 72 hours has the power to generate the entire immune system, however, if you don’t feel like going on a fast for so long intermittent fasting can we a great way to get the benefits without the suffering. You can find more information on how to go on intermittent fasting here.

-Hacks for your Brain:

If you are feeling down, less motivated, or are noticing to have trouble remembering stuff, meditation can be a great way to get rid of these.

One study had about 200 teenagers assigned to either a mindfulness meditation practice, yoga, or was wait-listed as a control group. Results showed that the teenagers participating in the meditation group had significantly better working memory capacity than those participating in the other groups.

Meditation has several benefits for your brain, including:
-Lowering anxiety levels.
-Better sleep.
-Improvement in stress handling.
-Better memory.
-Better attention spam.

A research review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) of Internal Medicine in January 2014 showed meditation was about as effective as an antidepressant, so besides helping you deal with stress meditation can be a great answer for those suffering from anxiety and depression disorders.

You don’t need to become a Buddhist to incorporate mindfulness training into your daily routine, just make the conscious decision to take a few minutes of your day to breathe out and be grateful for all that you have and you will find yourself happier and calmer. Remember, its all part of the journey, and you are not alone!

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Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system

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