Are you or a loved one planning on receiving Stem Cell Therapy? Or are you considering Stem Cell Therapy to improve your health? If the answer is yes, today’s blog post is exactly what you need.

Since Stem Cell Therapy is a treatment that uses your body’s mechanisms of repair, there are certain measures that you need to implement before considering it.  Keep reading to find out all the answers!

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is a novel method that offers healing and health improvement for conditions that were previously known as untreatable such as:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • OCPD
  • Lyme Disease
  • Stroke
  • Ortho/Sports Injuries
  • Skin Care/ Anti-aging/ Cosmetic Benefits
  • Autism

One of the most promising things about Stem Cell Therapy is that it helps avoid painful surgeries, risky procedures, and overall slow recoveries.

Who Are Candidates for The Therapy?

Every patient suffering from the above-listed conditions can be a candidate for the therapy. Our medical team goes through an evaluation of the patient’s condition, history, and lifestyle to determine if SCT is suitable for the patient or not. The evaluation at WSCC is free of cost and does not come with any commitment, whatsoever. 
You can apply for the free evaluation here.

Recommended Measures Before The Therapy

Since Stem Cell Therapy is a method that uses your body’s own resources to promote healing and recovery, it is important to make sure that it’s in optimum conditions to ensure maximum results and benefits.
The following recommendations will help you maintain your body in ideal condition before, and after the therapy:

1.-Get In Shape:  A good health condition is a key to the efficiency of the therapy. We understand that if you suffer from an ortho condition it can be hard to work out or exercise, however, do your best to stay active (as much as possible) to support your body’s functioning. 

2.- Nurture Your Body: Since SCT uses your own resources for healing, nutrition becomes key. Make sure to eat a balanced diet, reduced in processed meals, and as natural as possible. Going for organic veggies, and lean meats is also a good idea to get rid of unwanted extra pounds. Remember, nutrition is important.

3.- Reduce Simple Carbs:  White flours, sugary bread, sugary drinks, and candies are simple carbs filled with sugar, high in calories, and low in fiber. Make sure to go for whole wheat choices when it comes to bread, and change candies and sugary drinks for fruits and simple water. 

4.- Sleep Well: Our sleep patterns can deeply affect our thinking process, mood, and cellular functioning. Make sure to turn off all blue-light devices like laptops, computers, iPads, and cellphones at least 1 hour before going to bed to ensure your proper rest. Additionally going to bed early is a must to guarantee proper recovery of your body.

All of the measures mentioned above are just a way to get your body to function at its best. Stem Cell Therapy won’t be of much help if you are unwilling to make changes in your lifestyle before and after the therapy. Implementing the points mentioned above would get your body in perfect condition to accept the stem cell therapy and function at its best.

The Rehealth Process

Our stem cell therapy process is designed to be practical and efficient to simplify our patient’s procedure and recovery process. At Rehealth we prefer allogeneic therapy due to its amazing, long-lasting results. We also have our own stem cell bank that allows us to treat patients without the need to wait for the expansion of cells, or buying the cells from a third party company. Our steps include:

1- Free Patient Evaluation (Apply here.)

2- Personalized Treatment

3- Follow-Ups

Your Journey Towards a Better You

At Rehealth, we use stem cell therapy to help your body restore itself. No gimmicks, no tricks. Just world-leading research used to create a plan for you. Click here to start feeling better!

At Rehealth, we believe that having informed patients is the only way to deliver optimal healthcare. Visit our website to find out more interesting content and be a part of an amazing health integrated community!



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