Stem Cell Therapy is a novel method that offers recovery and health improvement for conditions that were previously known as untreatable such as:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • OCPD
  • Lyme Disease
  • Stroke
  • Ortho/Sports Injuries
  • Skin Care/ Antiage/ Cosmetic Use
  • Autism.

One of the most promising things about Stem Cell Therapy is the fact that it offers improvement by enhancing the body’s own mechanisms of healing, thus avoiding painful surgeries, risky procedures, and overall slow recoveries. After mentioning just a couple of benefits, we are sure that you want to know more about it, so today we will break down the most asked questions about it!

1- Where Are The Cells Obtained From?

This is commonly referred to as the source of the Stem Cells. There are two large groups of Stem Cells, immature stem cells, and adult stem cells. Adult Stem Cells are classified into two groups, autologous and allogeneic. Allogenic Stem Cells are normally harvested, while Autologous cells are harvested from the patient who is going to be treated. 

Rehealth protocol consists of harvesting Stem Cells from a bone marrow aspiration of the patient (Autologous Stem Cells). It is a quick, simple and minimally invasive procedure that allows our team to harvest stem cells as well as bank them for future uses. Additionally, allogenic Stem Cells cannot be rejected (because they come from the same patient’s body).

2- Is the treatment painful?

All our patients are sleeping during the bone marrow aspiration process. There is no need for incisions, stitches or anything similar. A simple aspiration needle is placed, bone marrow is collected immediately and the needle is removed. Easy peasy 10-minute procedure. When our patients wake up, they do not complain about pain, in fact, all our patients head back to the hotel walking.

3- Will the results be permanent?

Yes, as long as toxins are avoided, results should be stable and permanent in most conditions. On neurodegenerative diseases, results are not permanent due to conditions of natural advancement.

4- Is Stem Cell Therapy FDA approved / legal?

Since Rehealth clinic is located at Cancun, Mexico, we are not ruled under the FDA legislation and regulations. However, our clinic meets all health legislation and medical requirements to operate and successfully treat patients with Stem Cell Therapy safely and effectively. 

5- What are the risks of the treatment?

The health risks that a patient might experience while getting Stem Cell Therapy are directly related to each specific step of our process that includes:

  • Blood Draws Risk of bruising, sensibility, and in extreme cases swelling or infection.
  • Bone Marrow Aspiration: Risk of minor bleeding/pain on puncture site, and tenderness.
  • IV Reinfusion: Bruising and tenderness.
  • Intrathecal Reinfusion: Risk of bruising and tenderness, in extreme cases infection, headaches, vertigo, and dizziness. 

The Rehealth Process

Our stem cell therapy process is designed to be practical and efficient to simplify our patient’s procedure and recovery process. At Rehealth we prefer allogeneic therapy due to its amazing, long-lasting results. We also have our own stem cell bank that allows us to treat patients without the need to wait for the expansion of cells, or buying the cells from a third party company. Our steps include:

1- Patient Evaluation (Apply here.)

2- Personalized Treatment.

3- Start of a pain-free life.

Your Journey Towards a Better You

At Rehealth, we use stem cell therapy to help your body restore itself. No gimmicks, no tricks. Just world-leading research used to create a plan for you. Click here to start feeling better!

At Rehealth, we believe that having informed patients is the only way to deliver optimal healthcare. Visit our website to find out more interesting content and be a part of an amazing health integrated community!


This article was compiled with information and guidance of MD. Alberto Ortiz, Medical Director of Rehealth Regenerative Therapies.

Michelle Ibarra

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