Lockdown and quarantine have come to impact and change life as we knew it. Everything has been adjusted to the “new normal” and work wasnt the exception.

Although we know that the benefits of working from home are endless, the reality is that sometimes focusing and concentrating can be a challenge. Your dog barking, the neighbors music, your children, etc can represent a distraction.

In my personal experience, I wasnt that affected by these changes. I have been practicing home-office since 2016 and it has worked wonders for myself.

Today, I want to share with you a few tips that can make a huge difference in your process and ability to concentrate.  

How To Increase Your Focus While Working At Home

In order to increase your productivity, and even surpass your own  pre-home office records, it is important to make a few arrangements:

Optimize your workspace: Having a specific place to work is key for your concentration and mental health. For several months, I was working from my dinner table, my living room couch, and even my bed. As a result, I ended up with a sore back and lots of wasted hours in distraction. 

So a key to improving your productivity and setting yourself in the “work” mood is to have a designated place. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a specific office room, but even a small corner next to a window can do the trick. 

Invest in a good chair: A desktop can be negotiable, a good chair is not. Think of it like your mattress; you spend at least 8 hours on it.

In addition, a lot of your mental productivity comes from the comfort of your body. Investing in a comfortable and ergonomic chair is key. 

Have a schedule: Waking up at a specific hour and working on a schedule is very important for your mental health. I normally start working around 9 am and try to finish everything by 4 pm. Around 11 am, I like to take a break to have brunch, which can last up to an hour, depending on my workload.

If for some odd reason, I have something to do and leave the house, I wake up at 5 am, and arrange everything so I can leave without leaving unfinished tasks.

One task at a time: Have you heard the phrase “Eat the frog first” which is a reality when it comes to working. I usually try to do the hardest tasks first when Im rested,  and leave the “easier” stuff to the end of my work journey. That way, the burden is less when Im mentally done.

Take a break: Since Im stuck at home all day long due to quarantine, I like to take a small break and expose myself to sunlight. So, if Im feeling overwhelmed, I take an apple or a snack and just stand for about 10 minutes under the sun to increase my serotonin and vitamin D.

Turn off social media notifications and silence your phone: This has been a game-changer for me since university. It is always easy to get distracted while working if your phone is ringing or you get a notification from Facebook. However, this little break can lead to a waste of 45 minutes of your precious work time. So in order to avoid distractions, I just set my phone to silent mode.

Remember, working from home can be extremely productive and way less stressful than a regular office setting. Take the time to find out what works best for you and you will reap incredible results!

Have you tried any of these tips? What is your favorite way to increase your focus? Share it with us!

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Michelle Ibarra

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