Mother’s day is right across the corner and with it, the famous debate… What should I get my mother and my wife? If you are finding yourself in the midst of so many choices, do not worry! We got your back with our list of the best original gifts for all women around you!

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For All Moms

For Holistic Moms
The holistic mom has a natural approach for the mind-body-and soul. If your  wife or mom fits this category we have the perfect gift ideas:

  • Essential Oils: A good kit of essential oils is an incredible gift that your mom will truly enjoy. Go for peppermint for pain relief, lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus to relieve sinus pressure, or rosemary to reduce inflammation.
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser:  If your mom already has her oil kit, a great way to complement her collection is by giving her an aromatherapy diffuser. The main purpose of it to ease stress, improve sleep, and overall mood. 
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp: An Himalayan salt lamp is a great way to give her a great decorative item that will also purify the air, improve her sleep and mood while giving a rosy glow to the room.

For Tech Moms
If your wife or mom is all into technology and innovation, the following gifts will ensure her happiness!

  • SmartWatch: A smartwatch is a great way to implement all the benefits of a cellphone, in the comfort of your wrist. If your mom is always on the go, she will love to be able to do calls from it!
  • Wireless Earplugs: Now she does not need the newest iphone (although she probably does) to own wireless earplugs. Brands like Yevo offer super stylish earbuds that will help her enjoy her music without wires needed.

For  Stay-At-Home Moms
If she loves all things related to improving her house, this gift section is for you:

  • The Life-Changing Magic Of Tiding Up: This is definitely a must-have for all order lovers. Mary Kondo`s book is the bible of the Japanese art of decluttering and minimalism, and as a personal love is a life changer.
  • Vitamix: The Vitamix blender is a game changer when it comes to getting all nutrients from smoothies and juices. Although it is a bit pricy, it is worthy to get it to ensure maximum nutrient intake.

For Beauty-Oriented  Moms
If she loves to take good care of herself,  the following gifts will be very appreciated:

  • Organic Skin Care: Organic skincare is always a winner when it comes to women. Some skin care lines such as Kora organics or Origins are perfect choices to give your mom (or wife) lotions, face tonics, and other facial therapeutics.
  • Jade Rollers: Jade rollers are great ways to keep facial skin glowing, un-inflamed, and looking fresh. They help get rid of puffiness and eye bags because they improve blood circulation and tighten up the skin.
  • Stem Cell Therapy: If you want to help her look younger, refreshed, and free of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles Stem Cell Therapy is the answer. Stem cell therapy is a type of treatment that uses a patient’s stem cells to repair damaged cells, tissue, and injuries. The procedure is performed through injections and is a simple office procedure that doesn’t require general anesthesia or major cares. Stem Cell Therapy offers a natural solution for the following  conditions:
    • Hair Strengthening And Enhancement: When applied to the scalp, Stem Cell Therapy strengthens the follicle. This can result in a decrease in the hair fall, increase in strength of the hair and preservation of the youthfulness of the hair. Moreover, SCT aids in the reduction of the growth of grey hair. Most patients recall noticing their hair grow faster, stronger, thicker, with decreased gray hair growth, and an overall improved structure and volume.
    • Improved Skin: Getting rid of fine lines, and making wrinkles less visible, is another benefit of Stem Cell Therapy when applied in the facial area and neck. 90% of patients recalled noticing their skin smoother, and softer with a younger appearance. Fine lines vanish along with hyperpigmentation and there is a reduction in wrinkles. All of this is achieved without the risk of changing your facial features or making you look plastic.
    • Rested Rejuvenated Appearance: After receiving SCT, facial skin looks refreshed, rejuvenated, well rested, glowing, and with a healthy smooth appearance. Contrary to classic plastic procedures that require months to reveal a fresh face, Stem Cell Therapy delivers results within days after the treatment and requires no surgical procedures or medications. Just your body’s own rejuvenating mechanisms and collagen enhancement.

Mother’s day is a great opportunity to honor the women around you and give back all the love that they give away. Celebrate this day and remind her all that she means to you because she deserves it!

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Michelle Ibarra

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